Hey! This is Emma, I'm a Product Design Consultant currently @ Stuff.

I love working in the problem solving space and feel empowered by the improvements that can be made in digital products and services. As I’ve progressed, I’ve gone from just creating beautiful designs, to needing to create beautiful, functional designs that work alongside the user experience. I’m interested in understanding the who, what, where, when, why’s and using research to inform how a workflow looks and behaves - because it’s only then that valuable products can start being created.

"Once we solve the customer's problem then we solve our problem"
- Gerry McGovern

How I can help

End-to-end experience

Build concepts from low to high-fidelity user flows and prototypes.

Drive decision making

Lead user-driven product meetings and discussions that result in actionable outcomes.


Facilitate design thinking and information gathering workshops to progress product decisions.

Product solutions

Iterate on existing product features and visualise brand new concepts and technology that is new to the market.

Design Systems

Create scalable design systems that speed up prototyping and development and maintain consistency within the product.