Living, working, exploring in Belfast

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I'm Emma, a user interface and experience designer. I'm from New Zealand, currently living in Belfast, Northern Ireland and working as a UI/UX designer at EQUIIS.

After completing a Bachelor of Design with a major in graphic design, I spent a year working in Portland, Oregon for a small software company. Here I realised a real passion for digital design and started the transition away from print, honing my digital skills at design studios across Auckland over the last three years.

As a curious person I like to ask questions, discover and understand how things work. Curiosity drove me to learn basic HTML and CSS as well as User Experience Design. For me, creating beautiful designs isn't enough, I need to dive into user research to discover who I'm designing for. Insights into user feelings, thoughts, needs, desires and wants help make a product valuable.

Design aside, I live to travel and keep wanting to explore Europe but find myself wanting to see more and more of the island of Ireland. I love exploring the great outdoors and fancy myself a dabbler in traditional and digital illustration.

If you would like to see more work, check out my archive. Interested in enquiring about a work opportunity? Feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn.

How I can help

User Interface Design

Designing digital products that are functional, engaging and visually beautiful.

User Experience Design

Beautiful websites and applications that provide a seamless experience for the user.


Brand crafting that can withstand time and be successful over both print and digital.

Graphic Design

From posters to stationery and packaging - bringing a brand’s collateral together as one entity.


Experimenting and creating visuals that are unique and communicate a story.