I'm Emma, a Kiwi living in Ireland

I love making things. Anything.

- Improving developer experiences
- Writing thoughts and feelings about design
- Brewing fresh tea
- Painting paintings
- Creating hiking maps
- Photographing County Mayo

During the day I work closely with the UX, Development and Product teams to design developer experiences for our core and future product offerings at Tyk. As a UX Designer, my role is to understand and organise the complex workflows of platform and API management into simple user journeys that inspire developers to keep building.

In my spare time, I have lots of ideas and things I want to try. Lockdown brought out my craft side and I love the satisfaction of making things for my home. I'm also really enjoying writing articles on my personal experiences relating to design - I find that writing brings clarity to the thoughts that would otherwise stay in my head.

I started my journey in graphic design, then transitioned to digital, and finally UX design. You can read a detailed account of my journey in my article "My Story: Going From Digital to UX Design".

Interested in enquiring about a work opportunity? Feel free to reach out via email or LinkedIn.

How I can help

End-to-end experience

Build concepts from low to high-fidelity user flows and prototypes.

Drive decision making

Lead user-driven product meetings and discussions that result in actionable outcomes.


Facilitate design thinking and information gathering workshops to progress product decisions.

Product solutions

Iterate on existing product features and visualise brand new concepts and technology that is new to the market.

Design Systems

Create scalable design systems that speed up prototyping and development and maintain consistency within the product.