I'm Emma,
Director & UX Lead @ Bo Studio.

I love making things. Anything.

  • Improving product experiences
  • Writing thoughts and feelings about design
  • Brewing fresh tea
  • Painting paintings
  • Photographing landscapes
  • Working on @theforestviewfarm
  • Designing at Bo Studio

After spending nearly three years in Ireland, I’ve recently returned to New Zealand and am based in the Waikato on our 120-acre farm.

Photograph of Emma standing next to river with mountains in background.
Favourite hike in Mayo, Ireland - Keenagh Loop Walk

Previously, I worked closely with the UX, Development and Product teams to design developer experiences for the core and future product offerings at Tyk. As a UX Designer, my role was to understand and organise the complex workflows of platform and API management into simple user journeys that inspire developers to keep building.

Back in New Zealand, I worked with Stuff as a Product Designer, helping form user research plans, taking initiatives and proposing solution concepts, and helping build product personas. I'm now building my own UX business called Bo Studio.

Living on a farm myself, I'm very interested in partnering with AgTech companies to improve animals and farmers' lives.

In my spare time, I have lots of ideas and activities I want to try. Lockdown brought out my craft side, and I love the satisfaction of making things for my home. I’m also really enjoying writing articles on my personal experiences relating to design, although I will admit that I haven’t been as active in writing as I would like!

I started out in graphic design, then transitioned to digital, and finally UX design. You can read a detailed account of my journey in my article “My Story: Going From Digital to UX Design”.

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